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magical technicolor horse
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Gabby, you fab
Thank you, Mark. I honestly don’t know why I let things like that get to me, because I always keep in mind - I’ve walked around in so many places. I’ve walked through the French Quarter. I ended up on Bourbon with you and your mom. I don’t know how many transsexual women I’ve seen, and I actually keep in mind what women can look like. The person who made that toxic page not only claimed to be transsexual, but apparently doesn’t have a good idea of what an actual human woman can look like, and I took it to heart much too fast. It’s very hard to come across really firm, good information on the internet, but I do my best to crosscheck a lot of things. I still have absolutely no idea how the actual breast development works as it has a mean, but it has outliers. I have no idea how genitalia are affected since I’ve seen one type of change and heard about another with little evidence. There are so many word of mouth facts on male to female development that I’m absolutely clueless and I’m ready to take a shot in the dark and trust development. I mean, I’m 19, and as it is, I have a naturally male body, but my figure is fairly far from it. I think I’ll have a good start… Kara has always been there to support me and tell me I can make it, and she thinks I have a wonderful start, too. I’m so happy she thinks I’m beautiful now and will only grow more beautiful, she was the first person I got to experience that with, and it’s so special
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I made a really stupid mistake and read a really toxic webpage about “How to Spot Transsexuals” (the wording was not as sensitive) and it’s had me so nervous lately, because they’re trying to note so many differences between transsexual women and cis women physiology, and then I tried reading about breast development in transsexual women and obviously got less than stellar results from that, and I’m just sort of afraid about myself again like I used to be. I’m so afraid I’m going to result into something less than I imagined, something weird and ugly. I’m not saying I want to develop into the sexiest person alive or something, I just want to look.. human. Normal. And I don’t feel like that now, and I want to know that there is obviously light at the end of this tunnel. I’d like to know that my journey does have a destination worth the wait and pain. I’m learning things along the way, but every so often, something awful reminds me of what other people think, what “edgy”  thoughts are, and it sets me back a few steps…

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straight people are  so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals


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Blossoming Almond Tree
by Vincent van Gogh, 1890


Blossoming Almond Tree

by Vincent van Gogh, 1890

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erase the idea that all pansexuals are sleazy, flirty, and incredibly sexual and that all asexuals are unattractive, unloved, and introverted.

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